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March 16th
11:45 PM

FRIDAY 16/03/12

So we did the dreaded 12.4 WOD today.

12 min AMRAP of..

  • 150 wallballs (6kg med ball; 9ft target)
  • 90 double unders
  • 30 muscle ups

Completed - 240 reps.



Wallballs were unbelievably hard.

I was soo grateful that starting a few months back - I would aim for the 10ft target with every wallball WOD. I reckon this helped me big time in getting through the 9ft target today. 

The last time I did Karen was October 2011 (one of my first ever crossfit workouts wooop) and got 12.14 mins. My judge today was Sam (thanks Sam!) who reckons I finished the 150 in about 9.30 mins give or take 10 seconds. Which means I beat my previous time by over 2 minutes.. SUCCESS!!

I think I no-repped about 5 of my attempts.. Geez, that was sooo frustrating. Watching the medicine ball sail up in the air.. Past the 9ft mark.. And NOT touch the wall? Swearwords. Lots.

Now I can usually crank out Double unders without much trouble. But OMG. After the wallballs, I could barely jump - legs were jelly and my shoulders were fried. It was such a weird feeling. I had to break them down into sets of 10-20 ‘cos I just didn’t have the stamina to maintain the rhythm for longer than that. Took me ages.

When I finally FINALLY finally finished the double unders, I collapsed on the ground with 29 seconds left on the clock.

Oh, and Muscle ups? 


Still only in my dreams…lol.

This WOD has made me realise though that muscle ups can be done (it was inspiring to see Kareem at our box crank out 4 of them.. Shot Kareem!) and that if I work on it, it will happen! Nothing comes easy.

After the WOD, Vaughan brought out some beers to celebrate. It was the nicest beer I’ve ever had lol.

I’m hoping like hell tomorrow morning’s workout has no squats in it.. 

  1. eighttoinfinity said: Great job!! One day muscle ups will be on our list of “can do’s!” :D
  2. annpersand said: omg 240!? you’re amazinggg :D hope your legs aren’t too sore today haha mine are deaddd
  3. mrsdaddylonglegs said: you are fabulous! well done for completing the wallballs and double unders!! and yeah - muscle ups…. hahahhaha! <3 Kareem hehe!
  4. chiliwithachanceofnoodles said: Awesome job!! I’m guessing the wall balls will take me 12 min.
  5. everyrepcounts said: Great job!
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