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March 23rd
10:23 PM

SATURDAY 23/03/13

WOD - 13.3

12 min AMRAP.

  • 150 9ft Wallballs (10/6kg)
  • 90 Double unders
  • 30 Muscle ups

COMPLETED: 240 reps RX (tie break: 9.30mins)

Wow what a wod! Did this one with Ieti this arvo.

I haven’t done ‘Karen’ since 12.4 last March, so the pain of all those wall balls came rushing back¬†

I went into this one wanting to break the 150 into 25/25/25/25/20/20/10. Goal was to try get ONE measley muscle up. Or at least get the opportunity to try and get one.

What actually happened was 25/25/25/asdlkfj#$%!!we3r2ewdlf;xcmh lol. Managed to finish all wallballs in 7.06mins, so was STOKED. Last year I finished them in 9.30mins.

Legs were toast in double unders! Nothing to it but to do it.

With the muscle ups, I had 2.30mins to try and get one. I got soooo, so effing close to getting it on my first attempt - got into the receiving position with one arm - tried to bring the other in just a little, but my bodyweight shifted (STUFF YOU BODYWEIGHT) and it gave way and I fell.

Attempted two more times, but by that point everything was too tired lol. So three missed attempts. 

Not exactly the result I was after, but a definite improvement from last year! Bring on 13.4! And a big thanks to Sam, Helen, Shan & Dru for your support with this one too :)

  1. annpersand said: Hahaha those wall balls will get ya! Great job on the 2 min improvement though, amazing! Wish I could have gotten to the doubles but I’ll take the improvement :)
  2. no-excuses-fitness said: I did EXACTLY the same thing. 3 attempts, except my 3rd was the closest. Got on top of the rings and then my left arm decided it’d had enough and spun out :-/
  3. for-time said: You are awesome!!
  4. iheartcrossfit said: Rock On! And “25/25/25/asdlkfj#$%!!we3r2ewdlf;xcmh”, I died laughing.
  5. jaimefongsmith said: Great job! Wallballs suck the life outta me!
  6. eatteachwodrepeat said: Huge improvement! Wow!
  7. justholdstillforasecond said: Way to go! Muscle ups are crazy!!!
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